So, this is the area where I’m supposed to tell you all about myself. Except, I figure that’s kind of what the whole blog is doing. If you want to know who I am, go read something other than this page!

I know you probably are looking for the “facts” and so here they are: I’m married to an awesome guy and mama to the cutest little toddler in the world. Oh, and I got to be his mom through adoption. And he’s not the same race as me. And I am choosing to work outside the home.

And this is where the blog gets its name, Mama Asterisk. Because when I talk about being a mom and my experiences as a mom, I feel the need to add in those details. Like the little asterisks behind words that denote what we really mean, the labels of transracial adoptive mom or working mom shape what being a mom means to me.

This blog is really about my experience as a mom. You might share one of those asterisks. Maybe you stumbled across this blog because you are struggling with infertility and are thinking about adoption. Or maybe you are a working mama trying to figure out if it’s possible to “have it all”. Or maybe the asterisks attached to my definition of motherhood don’t fit you at all. Either way, I hope we can share with each other and come to a greater understanding of how to do this thing called motherhood.

Welcome. Let’s enjoy the ride together.


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