Forever Family Day

One year ago today, we officially became a forever family. Our son was already in our hearts from the day he was born but on this day, it was made official. We love you!

When Matt and I were planning our wedding, we were trying hard to stay on budget. While looking at the catering menus, I noticed that lunch was significantly cheaper than dinner–even for the same food. So we had a wedding lunch rather than dinner. The lunch didn’t really start until 2pm, but it counted according to the caterer. This did mean that our reception ended in early evening rather than go all night. Some people might not want that, but it allowed us to actually spend some time alone together on our wedding day. After the ceremony and the reception and the whirlwind of activity, we enjoyed a quiet evening of just the two of us doing something we love to do. We went out for ice cream. It was like our own secret date on our wedding night.

I am telling this story now because when we got the call that the adoption was finalized, we knew there was only one thing we could do–go out for ice cream. I think we’ll have some more tonight.


2 thoughts on “Forever Family Day

  1. Happy Forever Family Day! I think you *should* go get some ice cream 🙂

    We didn’t have the “usual” dinner and dancing type wedding either. We had an afternoon wedding with a late lunch/early dinner. I insisted on getting Taco Bell later on that night!

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