Welcome ICLW

Welcome to everyone visiting from ICLW!

It has been quite a while since I’ve participated in ICLW and this is my first since switching over to my new place last month. I am satisfied that I’ve been able to post at least once a week since re-starting my blog here. Major improvement in my mind!

A little about me: After several years of infertility and many different treatments, my husband and I decided to grow our family through adoption. We have the most adorable little 18 month old (hence why it had been so hard for me to blog for the last 18 months). He’s a pure bundle of energy and very social. Even now when he gets very shy and clingy around people other than his parents. It is so cute that as soon as the other person turns to leave, he finds his social energy and is “hey, bye-bye, it was great talking to you!” And then he wants to follow them to wherever they are going.

He also absolutely adores his older cousins. He is always asking about them. Or at least some of them. My older sister has four kids and he asks for three of them all the time. Then he gets this little confused look when I mention the fourth, like he has no clue who that interloper is. This morning he was asking for my younger sister’s daughter, so maybe we need to Skype with them soon.

Anyway, I’m happy to be participating in ICLW again. I want to refresh my blog reading and find some new friends. And a little distraction this week would be terrific with some craziness at work and a rainy weekend keeping us indoors.


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