Why this blog?

I hope everyone from my old blog was able to follow me over here! I truly appreciate all the friends I’ve made through my first blogging experience and I don’t want to lose you. And I wanted to explain why I felt the need to start a new blog. You see, my old blog (which I am not linking to on purpose—this is where the action is now!) was about my journey to parenthood. And like so many other infertility blogs, once I crossed over to being a mom, I felt stuck. I didn’t want to write about the cuteness that is my son because my readers might still be battling their own infertility. Yet, pretending that I was still in that same mental place felt disingenuous. I don’t think infertility (or really any big challenge) is something that you “get over” as every experience shapes you and leaves a lasting impression. But at the same time it is not something that I think about all that much anymore.

Which leads me to another reason I felt stuck in the old blog. The ideas I felt compelled to write about were based in some type of conflict or frustration. If you think about it, all good writing contains some conflict. Who wants to read about how perfectly perfect life is? The reason we read books or watch movies is to enjoy hearing a story rooted in a conflict and seeing how it is resolved. So I wrote about my son’s eating difficulties or trying to get him to sleep. But, complaining about lack of sleep due to my toddler’s sleep schedule after so many years of desperately trying to have a baby seemed out of place.

And so like many new parents, I realized I needed more space. Instead of buying a bigger house, I am opening up more writing space to make room for my new experiences as a mother. Because, you see, this blog is about me. And with the old blog focused on getting to my son, it was really his story. And I no longer feel comfortable telling his story to the world. His story belongs to him. This is my story. He may make some cameo appearances, but this space belongs to me.


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